Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back from the break

Another new year rings in.  I stand amazed at how fast the past year went by.  And I stand amazed at how well my students are doing after Christmas Break.  For most, it's been three weeks since their last lesson, and they have returned remembering what they're working on without missing a beat (well, maybe one or two!).  I've contemplated a bit about what makes the difference between a student who retains what they're learning and one who returns seemingly five steps backwards.  I would like to credit myself as being a good teacher, introducing each concept logically and making sure the student internalizes the new skill they're expected to master.  Perhaps it's using excellent curriculum and arrangements that truly develop musicality in the budding student.   But I think most of all it's the students themselves.  Those who enjoy music and apply themselves, receive what they're told, engage in the lesson, and truly desire to play the instrument.  How the Christian's life is structured the same way.  We can have wonderful teachers, use excellent learning resources, and be given every opportunity to grow.  But until we engage ourselves and truly apply what we're learning on our own, we will never retain what we learn, but plod along five steps back.  I must offer all that I have as a teacher to my students, but until they make the decision to do what is asked of them, they cannot make progress.  How Christ has offered all to us, and until we decide to follow wholeheartedly, progress in our new life will not be made.  I pray this will be a year of absorption, consumption, immersion, being totally enthralled with the task before us, whether mastering an instrument or the Christian life.

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